Project: New residence Client: Kathy Welker  

"Ryan Duebber designed our new 3000 sq. ft. home located in farm country. Very complete design including construction requirements, inside and outside details (e.g. example kitchen design, finishing details, etc.) and worked closely with general contractor to oversee delivery on all details specified. We went to him with very specific requirements and specifications. He listened carefully and delivered to us plans for our new house in which we are now living. We absolutely love the end product and are amazed how smoothly everything proceeded through both the design and building phases."

Project: Master bathroom remodel and porch addition Client: Michelle Muldoon

"Ryan Duebber was a pleasure to work with on our home improvement project. My husband and I had a good idea of what we wanted but weren't sure where to go next to get the project completed. We wanted to turn an unused space into an outdoor family gathering space and we also needed an overhaul of our master bath. We met Ryan at a home improvement show and immediately hit it off. It was if he could read our minds and our project was exactly what we wanted and even better than we could have ever imagined. Visitors to our home often tell us our backyard looks like it came right out of a design magazine! Every day I look at our bathroom and can't believe it belongs to us. Ryan is an excellent designer and we would love to hire him again when we are ready for our next project. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing the services of an architect. The projects he completed for our home won multiple design awards and we couldn't be happier!"

Project: Kitchen and bathroom renovation Client: Caitlin Hartzler  

"We did a major overhaul of our kitchen/laundry/butler's pantry and 2 downstairs bathrooms. This was an enormous job which involved replacing or upgrading every major system in the house, including the foundation. Just to give you a sense of the scope, we discovered after demolition that there was only dirt under our kitchen floor. Ryan does a wonderful job of balancing his roles as a designer and as a go-between the client and contractor. He helped us clarify the scope of our project; what we wanted, what we needed and then turned that into something very easy for our contractor to interpret. He made himself available for consultations when it was necessary. I think his drawings were pretty complete, though, so I don't remember him having to come out more than once or twice. He did stop by frequently to check on the progress as it was underway. For us, some of the highlights of working with Ryan were: 1. We had small children and he was GREAT at helping us plan how to block off the construction and live without a kitchen for five months. 2. He designed around some very challenging issues, coming up with creative solutions to tricky HVAC requirements, level changes, and some original features we wanted to preserve (like a very odd-sized little door in the hallway). The solutions were elegant and well designed. 3. Ryan works well collaboratively. I had an idea for our island--a table-height counter for the kids to sit while I cook at the island. I didn't want to worry about them falling off tall stools while I'm busy. He was open to it and worked with me on it. It has turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the new kitchen. The kids love it. Overall, our finished product is period-appropriate and beautiful. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to work with him."

Project: Master bedroom suite and great room addition Client: Laurie Heltsley 

"Ryan transformed our modest lake cottage into our second home. Ryan managed to capture our style and imagination with his "modern rustic" design. He took the time to get to know us and was therefore able to reflect our personalities fully in the project. He was "hands on" throughout the renovation and personally ensured that the plans were followed by our general contractor. We could not be happier with Ryan's work."      

Project: Powder room remodel Client: Janet Burns

"Ryan Duebber designed a powder room remodel including custom wood mirror frame, cabinet and shelf; copper sink, toilet, faucet, stone wall and stone/wood floor. He listened carefully to my requests. He created with thoughtful consideration to make the new design meld with the rest of the house, be a beautiful gem, and be completely functional. In his design he was able to solve all the potential problems I had thought of. He has terrific color sense and knowledge of materials and construction, was timely and within budget. He also was great help in resolving with the contractor a few issues that came up with the installation. Ryan was creative, professional, friendly, upbeat, and thoughtful. The room now looks beautiful, beyond what I could have imagined from the plans. My all around good experience was well worth his fee..."      

Project: Major addition including master bedroom suite and kitchen Client: Mark & Betsy Campbell 

"This letter cannot begin to explain the gratitude we have towards Ryan Duebber.  His professionalism, approach, ideas, and flexibility made our remodeling experience one to enjoy and cherish for the rest of our lives.  Our kitchen, master bedroom, and master bathroom suite are the epitome of both fine work and OUR needs.   Our building contractor introduced us to Ryan during the initial planning stages of our proposed project.  Due to the size constraints of our property, this particular project posed inherent challenges.  We wanted to maintain the quaint, comfortable atmosphere that our neighborhood offers while at the same time double our livable square footage.  At first glance, this posed some serious questions.  Our initial needs needed a professional’s touch. Enter Ryan.  Throughout the entire planning stages, Ryan’s ideas were masterful.  We toyed around with several designs, but the primary concerns were based around our needs and lifestyle.  Ryan’s professionalism can only be matched by his attention to detail.   The final product speaks for itself.  Our living space has doubled and we lost VERY little outside yard space.  People are absolutely amazed as they walk through the front door of our newly remodeled home.  The open floor plan is as an inviting space as anyone could imagine.    Without any hesitation, we recommend Ryan Duebber as a quality professional whose ideas are fantastic from start to finish!  You may feel free to contact us for any verbal recommendations.     

Project: Whole house interior renovation Client: David Willbrand & April Boise 

"Ryan Duebber designed a significant and dramatic home remodel for us. We describe the project as basically building a new house from the inside out. His work product included construction requirements, finish selections, design details, and he worked very closely with our general contractor to oversee delivery on all details specified. An additional complexity was distance. Our home is in Cleveland and Ryan is located in Cincinnati (a distance of 250 miles). We selected Ryan not only because he is an excellent architect with great technical expertise but because his eye for design and detail is unparalleled. He also listens well and is highly collaborative. Ryan was also instrumental in our contractor selection process (identifying and interviewing candidates remotely... our GC was terrific too). We absolutely love the end product and are amazed how smoothly everything proceeded through both the design and building phases. Despite the size and scope and breadth of the project, and the physical distance between house and architect, we would literally change nothing about the end result - from master to office to great room to dining room to master bath to vanity to kitchen. He was great!"

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