Design Process

RDA offers a full spectrum of design services that cater to the uniqueness of each project. RDA will meet with the client and listen carefully to the specific requirements of the project, brainstorm conceptual ideas, examine the existing conditions, and discuss the feasibility of the project relative to the inherent expectations. RDA will then prepare a proposal outlining the scope of services, design process and estimated design fees. Typically the design process is divided into three phases. Phase 1 is Preliminary Design Phase, Phase 2 is Construction Document Phase and Phase 3 is the Construction Phase.                 

Phase 1: Preliminary Design Phase: This phase begins by examining the established space needs in conjunction with documenting any and all existing conditions relating to the project scope. Preliminary concept drawings are created based on the information gathered and ideas generated. Several meetings will occur during this phase so that RDA can communicate the design ideas and receive valuable feedback from the client. The finalized preliminary design drawings may consist of conceptual sketches, a site plan, floor plans, and/or elevations in efforts to describe the full scope of the project. This information along with the associated general specifications and material allowances will be given to the selected contractor(s) for preparation of probable construction costs.

Phase 2: Construction Document: After the client provides approval accepting the scope of the design established by the preliminary drawings and preliminary construction costs, Phase 2 will begin. RDA will begin this phase by assisting the client with interior fixture and material selections. Fully detailed construction drawings will be prepared to develop the scope of work illustrated in the preliminary design drawings.  Meetings will occur as required to receive and communicate valuable information related to project scope and design considerations. 

Phase 3: Construction Phase: Once construction drawings are completed and approved by the client, RDA will assist the client with the procurement of building and zoning permits and distribute drawings to the contractor(s) for final bidding. A preconstruction meeting will occur for the architect to review the unique details of the project and answer contractor questions. Construction phase services may consist of construction observation, pay application review, contractor coordination (clarifications and questions), and drawing revisions.

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